Can you sell over Christmas?

It happens every year – first the Melbourne Cup, then the Christmas tree goes up, school reports get sent home, and we all put our feet up and think we should wait until the New Year to make any big decisions… And that includes decisions about selling a house.


But do we have to wait? While common wisdom might suggest that “nobody works” over the holiday period, our experience with sales over previous Christmas periods would suggest otherwise.

Having tasteful Christmas decorations out for your photos can give your home a loving and welcoming feel, inviting potential purchasers into your comfortable home and helping them imagine themselves having happy times there in the future.

With many people taking time off work and study over the holidays, this means that many more potential purchasers are able to browse real estate websites and come to inspections than during regular business times.

Additionally, with other vendors waiting until the New Year to sell, this may mean that your house is more prominent in the market and has less competition from other properties in the area.

At this time of year, buyers may be looking for a quick settlement that can have them (and you) in a new home before school goes back.

If you are thinking of selling and you’re not sure if a December launch would work for your property, please give us a call. We would love to hear from you.

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Can you sell over Christmas?