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Lush lawn tip 4: top dressing



Summer is here, the cicadas are out and it is time for the 4th lawn care tip with our lawn guru Nathan from Vanderlands. Top dressing is a fast and easy process that will avoid those ankle breaking undulations and ensure all the water and nutrients get to the root zone, delivering you an even more […]


Lush lawn tip 3: mowing



Watch to learn 3 easy to action tips for mowing your lawn with the lawn legend Nathan from Vanderlands. Get this step right and your lawn will be the envy of your neighbours this summer.  


Lush lawn tip 2: fertilising



First impressions are everything and a great lawn and garden can add $15,000 or more to the value of your home. Watch Lawn Tip 2, with the lawn pro Nathan from Vanderlands, on how you the home gardener should be fertilising to achieve the best lawn in your street this summer.  


Lush lawn tip 1: herbicides



Who doesn’t love a lush green lawn? We have teamed up with our mate and all round lawn legend Nathan from Vanderlands to deliver you the inside tips to get you the best lawn in the street this summer.  

Where should I spend my renovation budget?


Investing Landscaping Renovating Selling

When it comes to selling homes, we all want to get the top price possible, and one of the best ways to do this is to spend a little bit of time and money getting your home prepared for the market. It may seem obvious that major expenses such as putting in a new kitchen […]

New trends making a splash – The ‘smart’ pool.


Landscaping The future of real estate

It is now possible for your pool to be fully automated from anywhere at the swipe or touch of a button. Smart phone apps exist to completely control spa jets, filtration, and fancy LED lighting. There are pools that will also integrate with your in-home personal assistant e.g google home, so it is not just […]