Property Management

Own an investment property on the Central Coast?

Our rental management services operate on an entirely different and much more effective level than the ‘norm’. We are a friendly, yet professional and experienced team committed to delivering a service second to none; a place where you become a client for life and not just another number.

You will have the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a team of experts who manage a complete spectrum of properties; from the most basic unit through to some of the Central Coast’s finest residences and acreages. The same culture of professionalism is found through our entire range of clientele.

Backed by a highly regarded and respected sales team, our dedicated Property Management team know delivering quality management is paramount in ensuring your investment portfolio performs at its peak. Your investment is our priority!

Below are just some of the key areas where The Property Market will maximise your investment:

  • Distinctive marketing of your property utilising our unique advertising methods, ensuring your property is presented at its best, attracting the most suitable prospective tenants for your property.
  • Tenant selection is made easy with our extensive screening process, ensuring you are selecting from a quality group of prospective tenants, who can meet the responsibilities of a Tenancy Agreement.
  • Any risk of potential financial loss to you is minimised with our zero tolerance and proactive approach to rent arrears.
  • Regular updated estimates on the value of your rental property are provided to you, as we know too well how the market can change throughout tenancy periods.
  • Maintain quality and increase the value of your investment by conducting regular 3 monthly inspections, delivering prompt response and quality control over maintenance, no matter how minor the issue may seem.
  • Receive an unsurpassed depth of support and continuity in the management of your investment, achieved by dealing direct with your own personal Property Manager. This will provide you peace of mind in the knowledge that your Property Manager knows all your properties, all your tenants and more importantly, one who knows and understands you.

You can read our team’s client testimonials here.

Join the rest of our satisfied clients today and simplify your life by allowing us to take care of your portfolio because quite simply – we aim higher. If you would like to request a confidential and obligation free appraisal of your rental property, please phone us on 02 4353 8712 or use our request rental appraisal form to send us your details.


Is this video our senior property Manager Jodie explains how rent prices are calculated and gives us an insight into the 3 key factors that determine the price.


In this Property Investor Insight we answer the age old question of “Can I charge for water?” and educates us on how the process works.


In this Property Investor Insight Jodie outlines why a detailed Property Report is vital to protect your investment and suggests ways to make sure they are as comprehensive as possible.


Are you struggling to secure the right tenant? Learn how we secure quality tenants in minimal time. Switching properties managers is easy. Just give us a call and it’s cost FREE and will give you the confidence your investment is being look after by the best property managers on the Central Coast. Aim Higher with the Property Market.


Watch to see how we help you choose the best long term tenant for your investment property. Switching properties managers is easy and it’s FREE. Just give us a call today on02 4353 8712 or email


We understand the pressures that come with having an investment property. This is why we insist on helping our investors create a simple maintenance plan so you don’t get stung by any unexpected costs, while maintaining a safe and comfy home for those quality long-term tenants.

Watch as Jodie fills you in on how to start a maintenance plan and some key elements to take into consideration. Switching property managers if EASY, FAST and FREE.

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